Creditor Friendly Receiver

What does a “creditor-friendly” Receiver mean? It means Saunders Real Estate Solutions Inc. goes above and beyond what other Chicago area Receivers will do when managing properties. From the initial management take over to the sale of the receivership assets, our goal is to go beyond preserving value – it is to redevelop the property and increase its value.

We submit biweekly Property Inspection Checklists, collect rents and pay bills, administer tenant compliance, manage vendor performance, stabilize property operations, plan leasing tenant retention strategies, prepare court and financial reports, organize and keep accurate records of all income and expenses. With the use of web based solutions such as Dropbox and Evernote our files are transparent to the bankers and the Judges.

Saunders Real Estate Solutions Inc. is very responsive and works very well with all parties. We don’t shy away from hard work and we will work on Saturdays – whatever it takes to do the job right!