What is a Real Estate Receiver?

So, just what is a real estate receiver and what is it they do – exactly? As with many jobs in real estate, the variety day-in and day-out for a receiver is what keeps us hooked. There is never a dull moment and despite the ups and downs we’ve weathered in our industry, we remain.. read more →

“Keep Chicago Renting” Keeps Receivers Working

On June 5, 2013, the City of Chicago enacted the “Keep Chicago Renting” ordinance which became effective on September 24, 2013. The law may place an additional financial burden on lenders to the tune of $10,600 per renter. In short, the Ordinance requires lenders and banks who take title to a property after September 24th as.. read more →

Real Estate’s Largest Paradigm Shift

The 21st century has brought about a dramatic paradigm shift in real estate. It is no longer “Location, Location, Location” that is the prime driver, rather it now comes down to whether or not that “location” has jobs. Those jobs provide income for prospective buyers both on the residential and on the commercial side of.. read more →

Synthetic real estate has its place in the new world order of real estate.

A very simple fact exists when one buys real estate. The fact is that is pure speculation. This does not matter if you are going to live in the house or use it as an investment. You are a speculator. read more →

Receivership is one way to cope with the current market conditions but will there be a need in 5 more years in the commercial real estate arena?

Remember when about 10 years ago NAR had a huge agenda to keep banks out of real estate. Well, the banks may not be doing brokerage as the NAR feared. But they certainly are “in real estate” with regard to short sale decisions and foreclosures. Banks are inheriting many properties. read more →